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Welcome to the Lakeside Orthodontics Blog. Our aim is to provide our new and existing clients with the latest industry news and advancements in technology, while keeping you up to date with the latest goings on at Lakeside.

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Posted on in Celebrities
Klass Act

Myleene Klass is so proud of her new hidden Lingual Braces that she has taken to showing them off! Lingual Braces are normally completely invisible as they are attached to the inside surface of the teeth and are perfect for more severe dental crowding or for patients that just don't trust themselves to wear removable Invisalign braces.

Lingual Braces are not just for Celebrities. In August we are offering 10% off all our quotes for Lingual braces. Just call us on 0151 625 0003 and quote 'KLASS ACT'.

Posted on in Celebrities
The Olympics and Lakeside Orthodontics

Is this another tenuous link to the Olympics? Not at all.

Lakeside Orthodontics is lucky enough to have an ambassador for Adult Orthodontics playing in the Team GB Woman’s football squad. The very skilled and lovely Fara Williams, who plays for Everton, will be sporting fixed braces on the pitch for her matches on:

  • Wednesday 25th July Great Britainv New Zealand 16:00
  • Saturday  28th July  Great Britain v Cameroon 17:15
  • Tuesday 31st July (Wembley) Great Britain v Brazil 19:45 

That looks like a very difficult draw. I would urge everyone to try to see a game, as contrary to popular belief it is a  very fast and energetic game. 

Best Wishes to Fara who really is at the top of her game!

Posted on in Information
60 years of Dentistry - what has changed?
  • 1950 50% of all adults would expect to loose all their teeth and wear dentures during their life
  • 1952 first dental Implant placed. Not widely used in UK until 1990s
  • 1957 High-speed dental drills (Borden Airotor) released- 10 times faster so much more comfortable and quicker but are recognisable to a generation of patients due to their characteristic whine
  • 1965 Fluoride toothpaste launched (Signal)
  • 1970 Limited water fluoridation introduced in the UK
  • 1980 Dental Composites – white fillings were greatly improved and released for use on back teeth
  • 1990 Dental Lasers released for operating on gums and later jaw bone
  • 2000s Now many children have no decay and can expect to keep all their natural teeth for the rest of their lives
The Queens Diamond Jubilee & 60 years of Orthodontics

1950s stainless steel replaced gold as the material of choice

1960s – an Australian Orthodontist, Begg, proposes that 4 teeth need routinely extracting. His research on Aboriginals who have no crowding proposed that we extract 4 teeth to mimic tooth wear. This started a generation of extraction therapy. 

1970s Braces wrapped right around the teeth with bands as the technology to glue them in place was not very reliable (see photo).

1980s NASA developed ‘nickel-titanium’ wires. These wires are floppy until they reach body temperature. They move teeth with low constant forces- a massive improvement on the previous steel (& gold) wires

1990s Self ligating braces launched. A trap door replaces the high friction elastic 'bungees' that keep the wire in the bracket making treatment faster more comfortable and allowing more cases to be treated non-extraction

2000 Invisalign Launched by 2 MBA graduates - a God-send for anyone wanting Orthodontics but not wanting a brace on show

Posted on in Treatments

In our Chester and Wirral orthodontic practices we can achieve a Six Month Smile but only in milder cases. It would be over ambitious to suggest that you could achieve a perfect result in 6 months in more complex cases however much we wish that we could. The only limitation on the speed of tooth movement is how fast your bone cells can turnover to allow the repositioning of teeth. High forces can delay tooth movement so by only using the most modern self-ligating low friction braces we can move your teeth with the lowest forces meaning they move as fast and efficiently as they can possibly go and as an added benefit low forces are more comfortable.

The 6 Month Smile idea is being marketed cleverly, often through dentists who have no formal Orthodontic training. The dentists are given an orthodontic kit and the braces are set up by a technician who is not a clinician/orthodontist. This may work out fine (and fast) in very mild cases but the lack of formal orthodontic Specialist training (a 3 year full time Postgraduate degree course) will mean that if it does not work out as well as expected then there may be very little they can do to remedy the situation!

If you want a six month smile using teeth braces in West Kirby, Heswall, Chester or Liverpool then come and talk to us at Lakeside Orthodontics and we can give you a realistic opinion based on our experience with thousands of cases and knowledge of the latest research and developments. You never know, you may be one of the cases that can have a new smile in 6 months!  

Posted on in Awards

Jonty has just been awarded Platinum Elite status by Invisalign. Invisalign are clear virtually invisible removable braces for teeth. In simple terms Platinum Elite status is in recognition of his large wealth of experience with the technique. Jonty already lectures for Invisalign and was one of only four Orthodontists asked to help launch the 'Invisalign Teen' product in the UK.

There are several Invisalign Platinum Elite Practitioners in Chester and Liverpool but Jonty is the only qualified Specialist orthodontist who has also done a 3 year specialist orthodontic training. So whether you are looking for Invislalign in Heswall, West Kirby, Prenton, Chester or Liverpool just check out 'Our Cases' or Team where you can see my qualifications. No one apart from my hero Birgit Jensen has as much combined experience in Orthodontics and Invisalign in Merseyside.

Posted on in Celebrities
Wisdom Teeth vindicated

A study started in 1949 in Sweden  following dentists over a 40 year period has shown that the size of our jaws decreases with age. A reduction of several millimetres in length and width, particularly in the lower jaw was found. So over the  40 years there was less and less room for teeth in the jaws.

Wisdom teeth have finally been eliminated from the ‘criminal investigation’ into the cause of crowding because it also happens in people with no wisdom teeth.

Thats why Nicholas Cage ended up having a lower fixed brace in his late 40s. The tough actor has a shrinking lower jaw!

That is why Lakeside Orthodontics recommends that retainers be worn for LIFE following orthodontic treatment – regardless of age.

 Justin_Bieber_1      Tindall_1

‘As a full time rugby player I knew traditional braces were not an option but Invisalign allows me to carry on playing sport and you can't even see them in my wedding photos'

If you are a 16 year old pop megastar, like Justin Bieber, you don’t have to mess around with conventional braces.

In February, the BRIT Award winner, Justin Bieber, showed off his invisible braces at the UK premiere of Never Say Never. Even under the scrutiny of many flashing cameras it takes a close up shot and a keen eye  to spot this incredibly subtle teeth straightening alternative.

Invisalign makes the difficult decision of teeth straightening very easy. Your teeth just start looking better and better from day one with the invisible miracle that is Invisalign Teen - a more discrete option for the fashion conscious teenager

Invisalign Teen has all the benefits of the Invisalign technology but is tailored for teenagers.

BENEFITS include:

1) Virtually Invisible Braces -which is as important for Justin Bieber as it may be for other teenagers already struggling with self-confidence. You can even marry a Royal with them in (-watch out Beatrice and Eugenie).

2) Normal diet - There are no restrictions like with Fixed 'traitrack' braces

3) Normal Lifestyle - If Mike Tindall and Justin Bieber can carry on their career activities then so can you

4) The only one that will know you are having braces is you

Posted on in Team
Four times in a week!

Bizarrely 4 separate times last week my orthodontic patients in Chester and Wirral told me that I look like Adam Garcia, who is on Sky –‘Got To Dance’. I had never heard of him and was expecting him to be a double for the ‘Hunchback of Notredame’ as the last time someone said I had a Doppelgänger it was Geoff Goldblum……'.The Fly' !

Having now found out who Mr. Garcia is I am very happy to graciously accept the ‘separated at birth’ title even though poor Mr. Garcia would be less than happy. He may be able to dance OK but I bet he cannot fit braces for teeth?

I am not sure what is going on at the moment as now two West Kirby Orthodontic patients said they thought I was a double of Bear Grylls.

A recent Swiss study has identified an oral bacteria (Streptococcus Tigurinus) in the blood of patients with Meningitis. The same bacterium has been found in people with Spondylitis and Endocarditis. It has been suggested that regular brushing and flossing could help prevent some of these serious diseases.

If you want advice on the best oral hygiene products available we are happy to help.

Posted on in Clinic
Lakeside Orthodontics & Hollywood

A BBC film, Blood, charting the moral collapse of a Police family where the Dad is a former Police Chief, and his sons are both Policemen. The brothers have killed a murder suspect and are plunged into chaos when they are forced to investigate their own crime.

Staring Paul Bettany (pictured), Brian Cox and Mark Strong, Directed by Nick Murphy (The Awakening). It was filmed right infront of Lakeside Orthodontics. There are several Hollyoaks actors who have been wearing Invisalign while filming - spotted by my very keen nurse and therapist. Too bad Mr. Bettany did not drop in for Invisalign braces as he would definitely have shamelessly been added to our wall of fame of Rock families and Premiership footballers!

Posted on in Clinic
Lakeside Orthodontics on BBC1

Candy Cabs, a comedy about an all female cab company was filmed in West Wirral, right next to Lakeside Orthodontics. If you look very carefully you may be able to make out Jonty, the orthodontist, working away in his surgery in the background of a Marine Lake shot.

Posted on in Celebrities

A recent Oral-B study showed Brits loved Holly Willoughby's smile the most while Kelly Brooke (who had lingual Orthodontic braces similar to INCOGNITO) came second!

If there are any more A-list (or come to think of it B-list - I am not proud!) celebrities looking for braces for their teeth - fitted by an Orthodontist in Liverpool, Chester or the Wirral then look no further. On the WIRRAL we have invisible HIDDEN INVISIBLE BRACES like LINGUAL INCOGNITO and INVISALIGN that will not show up in your 'Hello' Photographs! To find out how we can help just call our WEST KIRBY or CHESTER brace clinics.

More accolades for Wirral Orthodontist at this years dentistry awards

FINALISTS for this years dentistry awards in THREE separate categories:

  • Best Practice
  • Best Team
  • Best DCP (therapist) for Emma Rodway.

Many of the team enjoyed a lavish night out at the Athena Hotel which was more like the Oscars than a dental award ceremony. The West Kirby brace clinic were finalists in 3 separate categories despite having to compete and be judged against all UK dental practices.


Posted on in Celebrities
Which megastar is missing a front tooth?

Every dentist knows this answer. It is the very cool and handsome Tom Cruise. He lost his front incisor tooth when he was at school so he only has 3 front teeth not four. It is obviously not an impediment to fame. Incidentally the dreamy Halle Berry has 6 toes, but who’s looking at her feet anyway.

The answer should be nothing, but a lot of beauty salons who offer tooth whitening are using Chlorine Dioxide which is better known as a pool cleaner. It can be very acidic, as in the story below, and can lead to irreversible loss of enamel and sensitivity. Under General Dental Council regulations tooth bleaching is an act of dentistry and it is illegal for anyone who is not on the Dental register to prescribe/perform. They also do not carry any indemnity insurance. If you value your teeth make sure you see a professional and that the agent is pH balanced and certainly not Chlorine Dioxide.

Posted on in General Health and Dentistry

A 52 year old Male lost nearly all his enamel on his teeth over a 5 month period. This resulted in severe sensitivity and dark staining as the dentine was exposed. Loss of enamel can happen with strong acids like gastric acid (Bulimia) and Citric Acid is also very good at loosening enamel but specialists at New York University were baffled by the speed at which it had happened. The cause was eventually uncovered. The loss of enamel was caused by an improperly maintained swimming pool with a pH well below the recommended 7.2->7.8

Posted on in Information

Vitamin D has been shown to reduce Gingivitis which affects 25% of the adult population. Vitamin D is absorbed by the body through exposure to sunlight and foods like fish and egg. It seems the Vitamin D stimulates lung cells to create a natural antibiotic that kills bacteria. Other research suggests Vitamin D could also help protect against some forms of cancer and auto-immune Disease

Posted on in Treatments

Bad news I am afraid. Over 50% of retainers have Staphylococcus and 66.7% had Candida (yeast).

  • Best Product to kill the bacteria – dilute Milton's
  • Best product to return the shine Retainer Brite.

Please do not be tempted to boil your retainer!

An artificial nose called the Nanoscale Artificial Nose (Na-Nose) has been created in Isreal that can detect molecules in the breath of people with both Head and Neck Cancer and Lung Cancer.

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