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Welcome to the Lakeside Orthodontics Blog. Our aim is to provide our new and existing clients with the latest industry news and advancements in technology, while keeping you up to date with the latest goings on at Lakeside.

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AdvanSync - new treatment introduced at Lakeside

New Treatment introduced at Lakeside

We always strive to improve the service we deliver. For that reason we have just introduced AdvanSync.

When the top teeth stick out ahead of the lowers it is most often due to a small lower jaw. Ideally we want to encourage the lower jaw to grow forward (rather than the more traditional approach of extracting two upper teeth and moving the top front teeth back to meet the small lower jaw).

More recently removable twin block braces have been used to help move the lower jaw forward and it took at least 9 months before the other train track braces could be fitted.

See what we did with a twin block and no extractions for Jess here.

Now we can fit train track braces at the same time as AdvanSync – saving 9 months and also eliminating the age old problem of braces just not being worn.

Thanks to Callum for volunteering to be the guinea pig and be the first one to try them out!

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Attached to the inside of the teeth, Harmony braces are completely invisible, and as they are fixed dirctly onto the back of the teeth, they offer very precise tooth positioning.

See Steph's treatment with lingual braces here.

Unlike Invisalign, which is 'almost' invisible, it does not rely on patients to change aligners every two weeks – we do all the adjustments for you.

Designed using digital scans of the teeth and constructed using CAD-CAM technology, each part of the brace is completely customised each tooth and the wire joining them is bent into very complex 3D shapes by a robot.

Kate had lived her whole life with very ‘wonky’ teeth and following the removal of one premolar we fitted Harmony braces and we are very close to  finishing in just 15 months. Kate comes all the way from Manchester and no one has yet noticed that she has braces!

Kate before   Kate almost finished

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In our Chester and Wirral orthodontic practices we can achieve a Six Month Smile but only in milder cases. It would be over ambitious to suggest that you could achieve a perfect result in 6 months in more complex cases however much we wish that we could. The only limitation on the speed of tooth movement is how fast your bone cells can turnover to allow the repositioning of teeth. High forces can delay tooth movement so by only using the most modern self-ligating low friction braces we can move your teeth with the lowest forces meaning they move as fast and efficiently as they can possibly go and as an added benefit low forces are more comfortable.

The 6 Month Smile idea is being marketed cleverly, often through dentists who have no formal Orthodontic training. The dentists are given an orthodontic kit and the braces are set up by a technician who is not a clinician/orthodontist. This may work out fine (and fast) in very mild cases but the lack of formal orthodontic Specialist training (a 3 year full time Postgraduate degree course) will mean that if it does not work out as well as expected then there may be very little they can do to remedy the situation!

If you want a six month smile using teeth braces in West Kirby, Heswall, Chester or Liverpool then come and talk to us at Lakeside Orthodontics and we can give you a realistic opinion based on our experience with thousands of cases and knowledge of the latest research and developments. You never know, you may be one of the cases that can have a new smile in 6 months!  

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Bad news I am afraid. Over 50% of retainers have Staphylococcus and 66.7% had Candida (yeast).

  • Best Product to kill the bacteria – dilute Milton's
  • Best product to return the shine Retainer Brite.

Please do not be tempted to boil your retainer!

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