Attached to the inside of the teeth, Harmony braces are completely invisible, and as they are fixed dirctly onto the back of the teeth, they offer very precise tooth positioning.

See Steph's treatment with lingual braces here.

Unlike Invisalign, which is 'almost' invisible, it does not rely on patients to change aligners every two weeks – we do all the adjustments for you.

Designed using digital scans of the teeth and constructed using CAD-CAM technology, each part of the brace is completely customised each tooth and the wire joining them is bent into very complex 3D shapes by a robot.

Kate had lived her whole life with very ‘wonky’ teeth and following the removal of one premolar we fitted Harmony braces and we are very close to  finishing in just 15 months. Kate comes all the way from Manchester and no one has yet noticed that she has braces!

Kate before   Kate almost finished