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Complex case treated with another Specialist. Beverley had missing lateral incisors with insufficient space to restore them. I used a brace to open up spaces for an Implantologist to replace the missing teeth. The teeth you see at the end are porcelain crowns on Implants.


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  • Special thanks to Jonty for the amazing work you have done on my teeth. I am so happy with them, I can't stop smiling. My family and friends can't get over the difference............. I can at last say that I feel like the girl with the perfect smile. It was well worth going through the treatment and has given me the confidence to feel proud to show off my smile
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MONDAY 23rd March 2020

Yesterday the British Dental Association (BDA) issued advice to Dental Practices in the UK about the potential for spread of COVID-19 from asymptomatic patients within a Dental Practice setting.

The BDA recommends that ‘practices cease routine dentistry and operate an advice and emergency service only’. 

As our priority is the safety of our patients and our staff we are cancelling all routine appointments from today.

Following advice from the BDA we will NOT be fixing loose brackets as this creates an aerosol that could be highly infective. 

We will ONLY see the following problems :

  • If you cannot eat 
  • If you cannot close your mouth 
  • If you are getting ulcers from a long wire
  • If you have completely lost a retainer (not if it is cracked) 

If you have a problem that you wish to ask us about please send us your name, a description of the problem and a good quality photo if possible.

As soon we may only have remote access to the practice please would you contact us by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or on Instagram at lakesideortho (rather than by phone) and we will give you advice as soon as we can.

We want to take this opportunity to wish everyone well during this difficult time. We look forward to catching up with everyone after this is over and normal life resumes. 

Best wishes 

Jonty Meisner and all the Lakeside team