Star Treatment

cherylcoleTom Cruise, Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brooke are just a few of the celebrities who have benefited from adult orthodontics to improve their smiles. A beautiful smile is the first thing we notice when we meet someone and those first impressions really do count! There are several different varieties of braces used to improve your dental health, improve your bite and maximise the appeal of your smile.

The choice is yours!

We offer Orthodontics both under the NHS and Privately. We are however limited by the NHS to treating children with more severe problems.

Private Treatment.

kellybrookWe aim to offer optimal value for money and make payment as flexible as possible 0% interest at £25pw. Prices depend on the type of brace and the complexity of your orthodontic problem.

Advantages of Private treatment

  1. NO delay in starting your treatment
  2. More types of brace to choose from including more cosmetic and invisible techniques and the some of the latest technological breakthroughs
  3. More “chair-side” time
  4. More flexible appointment times (including a late evening surgery)
  5. You will benefit from the life-long health and well-being associated with perfectly straight teeth as well as having a winning smile.

Significant recent advances mean that there are now many exciting choices in the look and feel of braces. By using the latest technologies to create your new smile, the length of treatment can now be shorter than ever.

Price Match

We would love you to choose Lakeside for your treatment and know you will not be disappointed. If you happen to find the equivalent brace and service locally we will be happy to try to match any written quotes.

Our fees are all inclusive with no hidden costs during or after treatment. The fee paid not only covers the full course of orthodontic treatment but also all the review appointments during the year and a half following brace treatment.

We try to make payment as easy as possible for you and offer an interest free payment plan which spreads the cost over 18-24 months. We guarantee you will be happy with the results and the service at Lakeside.

Treatments include:

  • Removable clear braces - Invisalign, Orthocaps, Simpli 5 and Inman. Please see our 'Invisible Treatments'
  • Fixed to the inner surface hidden Lingual braces like Incognito, Harmony and Innovation L. Please see our 'Invisible Treatments'
  • Fixed to the outer surface low friction braces - Damon & Smartclip, six month smile. Please see our 'Visible Treatments'
  • Complex cases planned and treated in conjunction with other dental specialists (e.g. Implants and gum disease cases). Please see our 'Case Study'
  • Functional braces (growth modification) to improve profiles. Please see our 'Case Study'