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Our Range of Invisible Treatments


Invisalign - (Private only)

cherylcoleThe ultimate cosmetic brace as it’s removable, virtually invisible and straightens teeth without using fixed brackets. Cheryl Cole and Chris Evans both had Invisalign treatment.

A series of thin, transparent, aligners (like thin mouth guards) are made from 3D scans of your teeth. Worn in turn they gradually guide your teeth into the perfect position.

Jonty lectures for Invisalign and has the most pretigious award 'PLATINUM ELITE' Status for his experience with this technique which spans over 10 years from the inception of this technique and he has personally helped hundreds of people achieve that perfect smile.

Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole wore Invisalign braces to give her that famous perfect smile. The Daily Express reported that Cole has the most requested smile in the country, with cosmetic dentists regularly being asked to re-create her perfect smile.

Cost £2230 - £4200


Why choose Lakeside for your Invisalign


  • Over 10 years working with Invisalign
  • PLATINUM ELITE status- hundreds of cases treated with Invisalign
  • Invisalign Lecturer – Jonty teaches and mentors Specialists and dentists
  • Helped launch Invisalign Teen for Invisalign


Invisalign accreditation takes 1-2 days. Specialist Orthodontic training is a 3 year full time Postgraduate Degree course


If for any reason Invisalign cannot achieve a 100% perfect result, because we work with many different types of braces and specialise in Orthodontics only,  we would offer you FREE treatment with an alternative brace to fully correct your teeth.



Invisalign Teen

invisalign-teenNow Children can benefit from Invisalign as well. Jonty was chosen by Invisalign to launch the Invisalign Teen Product in the UK. It works in exactly the same way as the adult treatment but can be adapted to accommodate teeth that are still to come through - so can often be started earlier than conventional braces and also has a device allowing us to confirm full compliance.


  • Removable brace-so ideal if your child has difficulty brushing well enough for fixed braces
  • Avoid any stigma from conventional 'train-track’ braces for teenagers already struggling with self confidence
  • Popular with our younger patients who are on stage. One at the Lowrie and one at Covent Garden
  • Keep up with stars like Justin Bieber who is having Invisalign Teen


Lingual Braces (Private only).

kellybrookJonty has been doing Lingual braces since 1997 and was one of the first members of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society (BLOS) and at one time he was the only Specialist in the North West of England attracting patients from areas as far away as Doncaster and Carlisle. There are currently two types of Lingual braces.

Non Customised - ideal for mild to moderate crowding problems (e.g. mild crowding of lower front teeth)

Cost from just £2900

Fully Customised - these braces are computer planned using 3D CAT Scanned images of your teeth. The brackets and braces are 100% customised for your teeth using CAD-CAM technology and the wires are shaped in 3 dimensions by a robot! This is the latest and most efficient generation of lingual braces and are suitable for more severe problems. We work with two types of hidden lingual braces - Incognito braces and Harmony low friction braces

Cost from £4300


  • Completely Invisible from the front
  • We do all the changes/adjustment for you (with Invisalign you need to change your own aligners)
  • Suitable for more complex problems

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What our patients say...

  • Special thanks to Jonty for the amazing work you have done on my teeth. I am so happy with them, I can't stop smiling. My family and friends can't get over the difference............. I can at last say that I feel like the girl with the perfect smile. It was well worth going through the treatment and has given me the confidence to feel proud to show off my smile
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