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Our Range of Visible Treatments


Fixed Braces - Often called ‘train tracks’.

visible-treatmentsThese are individual metal or clear ceramic teeth braces (brackets) glued to the outer surface of the teeth allowing very precise guidance. A fine wire is held in place by elastics (except with Damon / Smartclip) and links the teeth together. These elastics can be coloured (e.g. pink, blue) if you want them to show up.

Treatment with fixed braces take an average of 12-18 months.



The latest generation braces: Damon and Smartclip on the Wirral

A new and groundbreaking design of brace that has revolutionised orthodontics due to its ultra low friction (self-ligating).

This means:

  • Less frequent visits
  • More cases treated without extractions

Lakeside Orthodontics also specialises in Invisible braces like Invisalign and Lingual (where the brackets are fixed to the inside)


Tooth coloured Ceramic Fixed Braces (Private only)

These are tooth-coloured fixed braces attached to the front surface of teeth.
Clarity SL are the market leaders in aesthetic low friction (self-ligating) braces.

tom-cruiseThis means

  • Optimal aesthetics
  • Suitable for more severe orthodontic problems
  • Less frequent visits
  • More cases treated without extractions

Tom Cruise, Shazney (All Saints) and Gwen Stefani all wore ceramic braces.

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What our patients say...

  • Special thanks to Jonty for the amazing work you have done on my teeth. I am so happy with them, I can't stop smiling. My family and friends can't get over the difference............. I can at last say that I feel like the girl with the perfect smile. It was well worth going through the treatment and has given me the confidence to feel proud to show off my smile
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