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Welcome to the Lakeside Orthodontics Blog. Our aim is to provide our new and existing clients with the latest industry news and advancements in technology, while keeping you up to date with the latest goings on at Lakeside.

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Posted on in Celebrities
Rylan and his new Pearly white teeth

Rylan has re-ignited an argument led by Martin Kelleher (consultant in restorative dentistry at King's College) about the inappropriate use of Porcelain veneers and crowns.

A veneer is a glued-on facing, whereas a crown covers all the exposed tooth (front, back and sides). Normally a tooth is prepared for crowns and veneers by removing some healthy tooth structure to accommodate them. With crowns this can be up to 73%.

Veneers and crowns are the best treatment for some patients but not all. They are useful if teeth are very discoloured, broken or have had a lot of decay. The recent demand for instant straight white teeth has led to perfectly healthy teeth being reduced down.

I liked Rylan’s teeth before he had this treatment. They were a little out of line but were a little quirky and had some character. Orthodontics and tooth whitening (or some ‘bonding’ – adding white filling material) could have given him natural straight white teeth if that was what he wanted. In addition his teeth would have still been healthy and should have lasted a lifetime.

Instead Rylan opted for a very un-natural look, which undoubtedly has been achieved by aggressively reducing down his natural healthy teeth.

Research suggests that around half of veneers are no longer in place, require further treatment or are in a poor condition after 10 years. So prepare yourself for more changes in Rylan’s smile in the future as he goes through subsequent sets.

Posted on in Celebrities
Klass Act

Myleene Klass is so proud of her new hidden Lingual Braces that she has taken to showing them off! Lingual Braces are normally completely invisible as they are attached to the inside surface of the teeth and are perfect for more severe dental crowding or for patients that just don't trust themselves to wear removable Invisalign braces.

Lingual Braces are not just for Celebrities. In August we are offering 10% off all our quotes for Lingual braces. Just call us on 0151 625 0003 and quote 'KLASS ACT'.

Posted on in Celebrities
The Olympics and Lakeside Orthodontics

Is this another tenuous link to the Olympics? Not at all.

Lakeside Orthodontics is lucky enough to have an ambassador for Adult Orthodontics playing in the Team GB Woman’s football squad. The very skilled and lovely Fara Williams, who plays for Everton, will be sporting fixed braces on the pitch for her matches on:

  • Wednesday 25th July Great Britainv New Zealand 16:00
  • Saturday  28th July  Great Britain v Cameroon 17:15
  • Tuesday 31st July (Wembley) Great Britain v Brazil 19:45 

That looks like a very difficult draw. I would urge everyone to try to see a game, as contrary to popular belief it is a  very fast and energetic game. 

Best Wishes to Fara who really is at the top of her game!

Posted on in Celebrities
Wisdom Teeth vindicated

A study started in 1949 in Sweden  following dentists over a 40 year period has shown that the size of our jaws decreases with age. A reduction of several millimetres in length and width, particularly in the lower jaw was found. So over the  40 years there was less and less room for teeth in the jaws.

Wisdom teeth have finally been eliminated from the ‘criminal investigation’ into the cause of crowding because it also happens in people with no wisdom teeth.

Thats why Nicholas Cage ended up having a lower fixed brace in his late 40s. The tough actor has a shrinking lower jaw!

That is why Lakeside Orthodontics recommends that retainers be worn for LIFE following orthodontic treatment – regardless of age.

 Justin_Bieber_1      Tindall_1

‘As a full time rugby player I knew traditional braces were not an option but Invisalign allows me to carry on playing sport and you can't even see them in my wedding photos'

If you are a 16 year old pop megastar, like Justin Bieber, you don’t have to mess around with conventional braces.

In February, the BRIT Award winner, Justin Bieber, showed off his invisible braces at the UK premiere of Never Say Never. Even under the scrutiny of many flashing cameras it takes a close up shot and a keen eye  to spot this incredibly subtle teeth straightening alternative.

Invisalign makes the difficult decision of teeth straightening very easy. Your teeth just start looking better and better from day one with the invisible miracle that is Invisalign Teen - a more discrete option for the fashion conscious teenager

Invisalign Teen has all the benefits of the Invisalign technology but is tailored for teenagers.

BENEFITS include:

1) Virtually Invisible Braces -which is as important for Justin Bieber as it may be for other teenagers already struggling with self-confidence. You can even marry a Royal with them in (-watch out Beatrice and Eugenie).

2) Normal diet - There are no restrictions like with Fixed 'traitrack' braces

3) Normal Lifestyle - If Mike Tindall and Justin Bieber can carry on their career activities then so can you

4) The only one that will know you are having braces is you

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